Supporting the right of landlords to force entry to carry out gas checks

There is a poll being undertaken by Inside Housing magazine which asks: “Should landlords be allowed to force entry to homes that are overdue gas checks?”

On Sunday morning the vote was 81% voting ‘Yes’, 18% ‘No’ and 1% ‘Don’t Know’. I voted ‘Yes’ although I disagreed with the question. I would favour the right of a landlord to force an entry in the month before the gas check is due subject to the there being evidence that the tenant has already missed a reasonable appointment.

It is a source of real frustration, and an additional cost, for a landlord to arrange repeat appointments with a tenant who does not co-operate. But more importantly, a missed gas appointment could mean that a faulty appliance endangers the wellbeing, even the life, of the tenant and their neighbours.

Most of us have ten month gas years, which ensures that missed appointments can be caught up before the landlord’s certificate expires after twelve months.

If this post appears to be a humdrum, it reflects the day to day reality and one of the responsibilities of landlords. In social housing, compliance with gas safety regulations ranks amongst the highest priorities. If a change of the law was to give us the right to force an entry, we would find it easier to safeguard our tenants and save us some money.


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