Brighton’s Future: a campaign group for affordable housing, with fire in their belly and anger in their heart

A campaign group for affordable housing, ‘Brighton’s Future’, has recently been set up, born out of a desire to find solutions to Brighton’s housing crisis.

It is worth taking some time to have a look at their website, and do follow them on twitter.

The website has a very interesting item, ‘Getting the answers from our elected representatives’, that contrasts the views of three of Brighton and Hove’s biggest political beasts, Caroline Lucas MP (Green), Cllr Graham Cox (Conservative), and Cllr Warren Morgan (Labour).

‘Brighton’s Future’ currently has a petition on Brighton and Hove City Council’s website, which I would urge you to sign. The petition reads:

“We the undersigned petition Brighton & Hove Council to ensure any future residential proposals in sustainable development locations, which include identified brownfield and urban fringe sites (we say no to development in the National Park), are positively planned to ensure Brighton’s full housing requirements are met. Proposed developments should comply with Brighton’s requirement of 40% affordable housing to address the vast shortfall in supply of affordable homes in the City.”

So please, please sign the petition. Having said that, I can’t sign the petition, not because of it being politically challenging or because I in any way oppose what ‘Brighton’s Future’ is trying to achieve, but because I disagree with their stance of not developing in the national park. I am on record as saying: “We will need to do some rather radical and controversial things, such as building on the Downs and in the National Park. I personally would favour building between Falmer and Woodingdean.”

I am always encouraged by initiatives such as this, particularly when young people have the fire in their belly and anger in their heart which they harness in order to bring about change for the better.


One thought on “Brighton’s Future: a campaign group for affordable housing, with fire in their belly and anger in their heart

  1. If the 40% target were strictly enforced without exception (projects of over 9 units) so no application would be accepted unless there is a complete 40% affordable element, even less so-called ‘affordable’ (it isn’t) housing would be built.

    A Radio 4 series (Bricks & Bubbles) reported that the reason so much new housing is deliberately sold abroad is because they need their off-plan income IN ORDER TO BUILD AT ALL. They sell the leftovers to the donestic market – mostly in London.

    Financial viability dictates a lot of the haggling downward from 40%. Sometimes it ends up with the District Valuer for a judgment if what is and is not financially viable.

    We used to have a Private Sector Housing Forum – it was shut down by the last Labour Administration when it (we) got too independent-minded and sought to be more than a patronised steam-vent for BHCC to ‘support’.

    It is needed and perhaps these people should try to get it back up again (not run/controlled by cllrs). It is the place for this petition demand to be clarified and made more relevantly effective.

    Andy, you used to be part of that Forum. Are you in a position to get the Greens to restore it? Maybe with guidance from Shula and the Co-operative Housing folk too? I can’t do it.

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