Generation Rent series: What the politicians are promising

I recently wrote to the representatives of the main political parties in Brighton and Hove regarding Generation Rent, asking what they and their political parties would be offering renters after 2015 on issues including high rents, insecure tenancies, and poor practice by some landlords and, in particular, letting agencies.

I am extremely impressed by the time and thought given by the seven of the nine who have responded. I have posted the responses I have received. You can find links to the responses here:

Nancy Platts, Labour candidate, Brighton Kemptown

Mike Weatherley MP, Conservative, Hove and Portslade

Purna Sen, Labour candidate, Brighton Pavilion

Davy Jones, Green Party candidate, Brighton Kemptown

Clarence Mitchell, Conservative candidate, Brighton Pavilion

Christopher Hawtree, Green Party candidate, Hove

Caroline Lucas MP, Green, Brighton Pavilion

Simon Kirby MP, Conservative, Brighton Kemptown

I am still hoping to receive a response from Peter Kyle (Labour candidate, Hove and Portslade) and will publish it once I receive it.

Meanwhile, there is a petition by The Fair Rent Campaign on the Brighton and Hove City Council website on these issues

(Note: This post has been updated on several occasions as and when I have received responses from the Party representatives).


One thought on “Generation Rent series: What the politicians are promising

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